Frosty night, starry sky.

The machinery arrives.

The tiny humans inside it.

Shadows and fear

of a neverending winter.

Burn in the heat of love.

The Icelandic Love Corporation and The Reykjavik Fire  Department collaborated to make a spectacular spectacle on the frozen swamp down by the Nordic House. This was a choreography of heavy machinery, blinking lights, screaming noise, fireworks and water. A tender, loving moment between the red pair, servants of life and rescue.

The ultimate couple.

Two of a kind.

Taller than everyone.

The chain of beauty is a well-trained team.

One link in the chain is a voice that tells the story. 

And the chain of moments goes on forever. 

“Rendez-Vous” DVD 15’30 min.


1. All gather at the station at 20:00 hr. 

2. Ladder Engine and Ambulance leave the station at 20:45  and wait behind Building X.

3. At 21:00, 2 fire engines and a ladder engine depart from  the station blasting their sirens. 

4. They arrive and take their positions according to plan.  They turn on all spotlights.  

5. Firemen set up their hoses according to plan.  

6. The other ladder engine is summoned from its hiding place.

7. This ladder engine places itself opposite it's "darling".

8. When ladders are ready, they start rising and high in the sky they "kiss". 

9. Firemen positioned at the top of the ladders, shoot up a flare.

10. Then they pump water in high arcs from their hoses.

11. Pumps on the ground make parallel arcs.

12. Now all engines and lights are shut down.

13. All available men gather side by side at the front of the "stage".

14. An opera diva in disguise steps out from the line. She sings about burning love.

15. ILC comes out from their fire truck. They give a short speech.

16. ILC opens bottles of champagne. An ambulance picks them up and they drive off.

17. 21:18 this performance is over.