Cardiac Circus

Project for Art Statements
Basel Art Fair, June 2004.

The images were created by The Icelandic Love Corporation, in Krysuvik, Iceland in the early spring of 2004. Ulfur Gronvold played Wolf and helped.
The poetry and prose is a based on the narrative that loosely glues the imagery together. The images express the sharp and blurred line between good and evil, bitter and sweet, strong and weak. In the world of fantasy, simple becomes complicated and vice versa. Who is the real enemy and who is the real savior?

For this project we have also created objects, sculptures, songs and costumes in connection to the world of the Cardiac Circus.

"We have an intense desire for glittery objects. Overgenerous, excessive extravaganza. Innocent, effective terrorism; sugar in the gas tank.

8 Diasec Lazerchrome prints.
Sizes variable. Edition 3

Photographer: Pall Stefansson


at i8 gallery, Reykjavik, August 2004.


An exhibition of sculptures, wall mural and photographs. For this occasion the performance Intimacy Circus was filmed in Klink & Bank, by Thorgeir Gudmundsson.

“Intimacy Circus” DVD    15’30  edition 3


The Basel Art Fair, Switzerland, June 2004.

In the beginning lies the end.
In happiness, sorrow.
In life, death.
Within insanity lives sanity.
At the circus, truth.

The three wheel in the sickly man. They start to revive him and give him a black moustache, and dress him in a top hat and heavy riding boots. He suddenly grows a big belly and with the whip in his hand, he rises and starts commanding. They have no option but to obey their creation, The Ringmaster.

"With a smile on the face we do tricks with much enthusiasm. We run in circles, we roll over, we pose as a triangle. At last we lovingly give each other the ultimate slapstick treatment. A cream cake in the face."

A little dog gets to lick the crumbs that fall of the table.

Photographer: Magnús Þór Þorbergsson

“Starry Night” 200 x 300 cm. Mural of licorice and marzipan.

“Second Skin” Life-size. Wire,

Nylon stockings, Crochet.

“Bald Eagle” 150 x 100 x 100 cm. Wire and Nylon stockings.

Second Skin” - detail

“Nest” 150 x 150 x 70 cm. Mixed media

“Nest” - detail