Creation - Corruption - Celebration


Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt

They endure bitter freezing winters and blistering hot desert heat. They can survive in the inner citys as well as the lonely mountains. They are creative, resourceful, sly, glamorous, greedy and can deserve to be killed. They sometimes commit crimes against other species. That is their nature. In many ways they are related to humans.

They sit on the shoulders of gods and tell them of the world. We respect them and their ways.

But we are not them.

Like ravens on a cold winter we team up and

help each other to stay alive.


Debut of a 3 hour long

performance in 5 episodes:






Corruption lingers around and influences

the atmosphere.

In alliance there is power

In welth, poverty

In power, corruption

In faith, blindness

In happiness, sorrow

In piece, war


Creation - Corruption - Celebration

Poster, size 29 x 42 cm

Edition 800