Higher Beings

The atmosphere promises a better future and general positivity. A movement that is above everyday worries,a new power.
Higher Beings are strong, beautiful and untouchable.

They dress in symbolic shimmering clothes of gold and they offer food and beverage.

Higher Beings appear in specially marked places at certain times, to talk to people, give information about the movement and to make it possible for people to join them.

In this piece the Icelandic Love Corporation makes it clear that everybody is a Higher Being inside themselves.
People should respect themselves and enjoy life.

Higher Beings first appeared at the exhibition Midnight Walkers and City Sleepers in Amsterdam’s Red Light District in 1999. In the next 3 years they could be seen in cities across the western hemisphere.

Photographers: Kristinn Már Ingvarsson, Bjarni Grímsson, Þórhallur Magnússon and more.