Performance in collaboration with

The Reykjavik Fire Department, March 1st 2003

commissioned by the Reykjavik Winter Festival.

march 2003

Two black hearses (funeral mobiles) approach each other. They are furious.

Smoke is coming out of their windows.

They growl at each other in smoking fury.

Flames light up between them, suddenly a hot bonfire is burning bright.

The firemen come to the rescue and swiftly kill the flames with white powder.

ILC open the hoods of the cars and cut their wires. They are now disabled.

Ladders rise and make waterfalls and between them a banner is streched out. These words are written on the banner: “ Glittering Goodwill”

ILC and Firemen help push the two cars together and make them kiss. They are now friends again. A choir emerges from the crowd. They are all carrying small multicolored umbrellas. They are all female and sing in unison a beautiful psalm.

Photographer: Fridrik Orn