Where Do We Go Form Here?


The idea for "Where do we go from here?" is based on a movie script that ILC wrote in 1999. Four elflike women are experiencing nature, but on venturing too far into fantasyland an accident befalls them. Their spirits cry for help and the rescue squad comes to save them. The realism of the rescue squad is beautiful in context with the intense landscape and surreal girl characters. Within each soul there should be an active and healthy rescue squad that saves us from our everyday worries and mental scars.

Where do we go from here?

Our soul is pure and proud,
in our house of safety.
There is never an angry cloud,
still outside there is plenty.


Curiosity drove us from our happy nest.
Looking for a new dimension.
We hoped for all the best,
In the land of beauty and tension.


We ask the whale! Help!
We ask the wind! Help!
We ask the waves! Help!
We ask the world! Help!

Never reason with nature.

They have received a strange message.
Their radio has told them a tale.
They go gladly on this passage.
They believe the whale.

Seeing that beauty is dying
Braveness fills their hearts and limbs
Their senses feel the crying
Searching the edges and rims

In the soft embrace of nature
The dog gives the kiss of life
Where do we go from here?
We are dressed for eternity

Series of 12 photographs

70 x 70 cm diasec laserchrome prints

edition 3

Where do we go from here?
DVD 4’11  Edition 3 

Photographer: Pall Stefansson