Places of Worship


In the inside world there are sacred places.

They range from being soft and light to hard and tough.

They are white punk. In the outside world,

places of worship are dangerous.

A spider's web is a natural masterpiece, a beautiful construction, a death-trap.

Unreal reality

possesses magical sensitivity.

Each finger is a hand

and on that hand each finger

is another hand.

As things get smaller and smaller

they also grow bigger and bigger.

Multiple touches evoke multiple emotions.

Balloons are soft and light

An axe is heavy and sharp

Like the range of human emotions.

“Magic”  DVD 2’30’’ min

Photographer: Ívar Brynjólfsson

“Headphones” Sea shells and ribbon.

“Line.Net” thread. 250 x 250 cm.

Exhibition overview.

Exhibition overview.

“Magic” silk gloves, doll hands.

“Without you” Coffin lined with mirrors.

ILC top hats.

“Guest”  wall painting.

“Party Life Jacket” handmade lifejacket.