The Globe of Good Will


The Benefit Society for Children with Disabilities

The Globe is a blown-glass sphere with a ribbon of red - the color of Christmas and affection. The Globe is handmade and every edition is limited. No two Globes are exactly the same but each of them is beautiful in its own way - just like every child of the world.

All proceeds will be donated to work for the benefit of children and other young people with disabilities. The name of the Globe is therefore symbolic of what which it represents.

The Icelandic Love Corporation designed the Globe for 2008.  It is called The Breath of Life.

“The Globe of Goodwill is formed using the most precious thing given to every living person - breath.

The breath in the Globe symbolizes the intangible and the spiritual - our desires and our aspirations. The Globe has received three kisses which express love, friendship and thankfulness.

Kiss each other”