Mother Earth


is a plot of vegetation adjacent to the power station in Vatnsfell, in the southern highland of Iceland.

Mother Earth is a participant in the adventures of mechanisation, by virtue of her creative and destructive might. She harbours fibre-optic cables and electricity pylons, as well as people and the biosphere; nonetheless, her powers can annul this relationship with no warning. It is no use arguing with Nature.

Some tufts of vegetation were brought in October 2003 from Þóristungur, on the site of the proposed Sporðalda Reservoir, and placed on the barren gravel point by Vatnsfell Station, in cooperation with the Soil Conservation Service. The hydropower plant provides this plot of plants with shelter as well as with electricity, lighting up the borders as darkness approaches. When we use electricity, we are pushing on Mother Earth's "play" button, even if we do not necessarily think about the context.