Please allow me to introduce:


It is hairy on the fingertips

It is hairy in the palms.

It has white eyeballs,

that shine with the trust,

of everlasting knowledge,

of nature.


None of you are special.

Fear is the drive.

Friendship is discipline.

Darkness is innocent.

Shake hands with your inner fear

Shake hands with your fantasy.


Frosty night,

starry sky.

The machinery arrives.

The tiny humans inside it.

Shadows and fear

of a neverending winter.

Burn in the heat of love.


Pluses and minuses make an equation that is ever expanding.

Side by side, the trees form the woods.

The woods are filled with wives. They originate from different seeds, some are without roots, some are ironic or funny or strong or gentle or divine... an endless list.

They have collected the leaves of different experience, into their common roof.

Shake off the leaves, collect them again, mix them well and fish out new ideas. Give them a new appearance.

The wives stick together and that makes them strong. Nobody knows who got the idea, originally, or who owns which foot when they all share one bed.

True nature is strong.

The animals in the woods smell each other. They smell enemies and they smell friends, hunters and prey. The hunters are strong and they smell blood. They will show no mercy.

The wives have smelled a scent that no one else can smell.

They gather and go on a trip to a place that doesnít exist. On their journey they communicate and their destination forms

Where Do We Go From Here?

The soul is pure and proud,

in our house of safety.

There is never an angry cloud,

still outside there is plenty.

Curiosity drove us from our happy nest.

Looking for a new dimension.

We hoped for all the best,

in the land of beauty and tension.

The cliffs are high and scary

The bodies are small and vary

The face of the sky is eerie

This is misery.

We ask the whale! Help!

We ask the wind! Help!

We ask the waves! Help!

We ask the world! Help!

Never reason with nature.

They have received a strange message.

Their radio has told them a tale.

They go gladly on this passage.

They believe this whale.

Seeing that beauty is dying

Braveness fills their hearts and limbs

Their senses feel the crying

Searching the edges and rims

In the soft embrace of nature

The dog gives the kiss of life

Where do we go from here?

We are dressed for eternity.

Blow Job

The Magical Defrosting of a Marvelous Treasure

On top

of this long legged table

is a thick frozen iceblock.

The sound of steel heels

touching shiny marble floors

is echoing

through the skincolored rooms.

You will enjoy this Blow Job

with your eyes, ears, nose and all.

It will be a joy job.

Still, it will

take an effort, and

approximately 25 minutes.

The wonderful warm heated wind

will help.

Our shoes are good

for breaking the ice.

The rubber gloves and safety glasses

are necessery and nice.

If somebody gets tired

or maybe dreamy or unpatient.

The luxurious wine and berries

will always love you.

All this

will make us and It free.

It is what's inside that matters.

We will reveal

the unifying symbol.

Thank you everybody.

Thank you pioneers.

Freedom - Beauty - Freetime


To have a tent, is that freedom to travel?

Is a big lipstick better than a small lipstick?

What is big and what is small?

What is good and what is bad?

Is it necessery to wonder about this all the time?

When wil the mayonnaise turn yellow?

Higher Beings

We are all higher beings

We are situated in an adventure where everything is real.

Do you feel bad? You can change that.

Are you sour? You can be sweet.

Are you happy? You can be even happier.........


Here we have four hearts.

Place yourselves on their outlines.

We will give you the stars.

Fill this thin line with hope and power.

Higher Beings will bring you the light.

Give each other the light.

You are beautiful.

This is a wishing moment.

We are joined in the power of a wish.

Close your eyes and wish.

Cardiac Circus poetry:

The riddle of the raven

Black feathers glow.

A puddle of oil revealing colorshow

What ‘s the news?

Where have you been?

Tell us what you’ve seen.

On the rim, the edge

Is life ready for death?

Power in hand, curing, destroying

Salvation for the doer

The guardian of life has spoken

Leaving many hearts broken.

In the beginning is the end

In happiness, sorrow

In life, death.

In madness, reason.

In circus,truth.

A Family of Weapons

We stand in the natural torture cell,

Nature in disguise as a horizontal Iron Maiden.

Strangling curiosity grabs hold of us. 

Scratch us gently, curiosity chemical.

This is my wet hole, cavity, fissure,

crack, perforation, cavity.

Knives of frozen water feel the body temperature.

A family of weapons is hanging in fury from the soil.

Surgery for Ecstasy

A surgical entry into a treasure chest should be taken on with frantic preciseness.

I love my treasure therefore I’d like to take a look.

My anger is allowed. The hair is rising. The blade is turned on.

Afterwards the concrete will absorb you and you will slowly start to decorate the dead mineral, cold poison.

In one hundred years, you will become a nation of billions.

With an undetermined color and approx. 1 mm big.

You cannot speak and you will never go anywhere.

The Eggs

Cook the babies in the natural pot.

Get them from their mothers.

They live in places that are hard to reach.

They live on dirty sills, high above the rocky shore.

A rope might come in handy if you are not afraid of heights.

Again, the price of slipping is death.

This house is full of food. But you will never find the door.


In the core lives the heat.  And the problems sleep there too.

If you poke to hard it all jumps out like an infuriated tiger that has forgotten the cause of its anger.

You can never make it go back, it will not listen. It doesn’t understand the language you know.

Nr. 1

In the magic mountain

The ruthless anger

Tries to take control

How can the good

Thrive in black conditions?

Cold steel of insanity

Ladies of good nature

This is your task

The future is in you

The mixture is in you

Eggs, wine and good will

Hunt the evil

Hunt the master

Hunt for your life

Try this at home

Use help of birds

Use help of other mankind

Use help of each other

Nr. 2

The wolf has killed

The ladies are dead

Anger has taken good away

Sadness blows with the cold wind

Nothing is human no more

The spell has been broken

By the animal of darkness

This is no fairytale

Hundreds years have passed

Now the time has come

Will there be a new song?

A song of crystal and wine

A song of therapy

A song for humans

Children will be born

Nr. 3

Life is a spirit of many things

Many are sad

For sadness there is no cure

Except in the fantasy

They who are not good

They are sad

They dream of breaking

Breaking hearts of the good

Power is their cure

Power is their sadness

Power is their fantasy

Friends of evil will not share

The life of beautiful things

Like nature and picnic

Like storm and whisky

And many more things

Is this possible in reality?